Python Industrial Training


During the Python Industrial Training you will learn a lot many things which you are willing to learn since long time. We Provide Python Final Year Project Training. Check our Curriculum for detailed information about this Python Training Course. Python Live Project Training Available at Vadodara, Anand, Bharuch, Gujarat, India.

Learning Outcomes

Here are some details or overview about Python Course, take a look at curriculum and contact us for more.

Course Features
  • Lectures
  • Duration
    70 hours
  • Skill level
  • Language
    English, Hindi
  • Location


• Introduction of Python
• Programming Style in Python

• Datatypes & Variables
• Conditional Statement
• Looping Statement
• Control Statement
• Strings
• String Methods
• String Slicing
• Types of Variable

• Collections
   ↳ List
   ↳ Tuple
   ↳ Set
   ↳ Dict
• Functions
   ↳ Recursive Function
   ↳ Anonymous Function
   ↳ Lambda Function
• Nested Functions
• Modules
   ↳ User Define Module
   ↳ Inbuilt Module (Math, Random)
• Packages

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