Website Development Industrial Training


In today's world PHP is one of the most demanding technology for top IT companies, we teaches at the professional level. Don't worry if you are new to IT, we are here for you.

During the PHP Website Development Industrial Training you will learn a lot many things which you are willing to learn since long time. We Provide PHP Final Year Project Training (Website Development). Check our Curriculum for detailed information about this PHP Training Course. PHP Live Project Training Available at Vadodara, Anand, Bharuch, Gujarat, India.

Learning Outcomes

See the overview of the course, check curriculum for more details. and contact us direct for all details or any query.

Course Features
  • Lectures
  • Duration
    48 + 15 hours
  • Skill level
    Beginner + Advanced
  • Language
    English, Hindi
  • Location
    Vadodara | Bharuch | Anand


• Introduction of PHP
• OOPS Concept
• Life Cycle
• Introduction to MySQL
• Introduction & Installation of PHP Editor
• Server Installation

• P Tag
• UL, OL Tag
• LI Tag
• A Tag
• IMG Tag
• TR,TD Tag
• DIV Tag
• FORM Tag
• Form Widgets
• Examples

• Introduction of CSS/CSS 3
• Inline CSS
• Internal CSS
• Extranal CSS
• CSS using Tags & Tools
• CSS using Class, ID
• CSS Properies
• Introduction of JQuery
• Implementation & Upgradation of JQuery
• JQuery Class
• Examples
• Template Implemantation & Design

• Introduction to PHP
• How to Create new Project.?
• PHP Syntax
• Tools
• Data-types
• Variables
• Functions
• Conditions
• Looping
• Form Tools
• Validation
• Session & QueryString
• Examples

• Introduction to MySQL Database
• Database Connectivity with PHP
• Queries [Insert, Select, Update, Delete,]
• Where, Order by, Group by, Like, etc.
• Multiple Queries
• Examples

• Documentation Development & Design for Project
• PPT Development & Design for Project
• Flow Chart
• DFD for Project
• UML Diagrams(Advanced Diagrams like Usecase, Class and many more)
• Project Presentation Practice & Guidence
• 100% Project Completion Support

• PHP Connection with other Technology
• Webservices in PHP
• JSON and XML in PHP
• Payment Gateway Integration
• Examples

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