Automation Testing(Selenium) Training


Best Software Testing Training in Vadodara offers customized Software testing training for Individual Students, Fresher’s & Working Professionals.

Automation testing is a software testing technique that performs using special automated testing software tools to execute a test case suite.
There are number of tools are used for the Automation Testing like Selenium (Free Ware and Mostly Used in industry), HP QuickTest Professional (QTP), Cucumber.

Learning Outcomes

Here are some details or overview about Android Course, take a look at curriculum and contact us for more.

Course Features
  • Lectures
  • Duration
    75 hours
  • Skill level
    Beginner to Advanced
  • Language
    English, Hindi
  • Location
    Vadodara | Bharuch | Anand


• What is the use of Automation testing
• What we need to Automate
• What is Selenium
• Advantages of Selenium
• Tools for Automations

• Data Types
• Control Statement, Looping Statement, Jump Statements
• Array (Single Dimension, Two Dimension)
• Object Class , String Class ,String Buffer Class
   ↳ Class
   ↳ Object
   ↳ Encapsulation
   ↳ Inheritance
   ↳ Polymorphism
   ↳ Data Abstraction
• Keywords ( this , Super , Abstract , final )
• Interface
• Exception handling
• Threading
• Collection ( List (Arrray List, Linkedlist , Vector), Set (Hash Set , Tree Set))
• Wrapper Class
• File IO (File Reader , File Writer )

• Use of web Driver
• Locators
• Web element access
• Screen Shot
• Key board Event , Mouse Event
• Web Table
• Implicit Wait
• Selenium IDE ( Plug and Play add on)

• Why JUnit ?
• Annotation
• Methods
• Test Suit in Junit
• Parameterized Testing

• Web driver in Test NG
• Annotation of TestNG
• Test Suites
• Listeners
• Multiple browser Test
• Parameterized Test
• Dependency Test

• Data Driven Framework
• Keyword Driven Framework
• Modular Driven Framework
• Hybrid Driven Framework

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